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Friday, February 27, 2009


Last summer the boys put these hot dog and katsup suits on and waved people in off of the highway to T-Ball Dogs in exchange for a donation to their baseball team. (the fire) I swear it was 95 degrees outside but those little boys didn't care they just had a blast. Of course I sat in the car and watched to make sure none of them decided to play in traffic or kill over from heat stroke. For those of you that don't have 11 year old boys I want you to know that playing in traffic seems like a logical thing to them. Crazy I know but hey that's why they have over protective parents that guard them with their life while teaching them the importance of working for things that you want. I have to admit I had a blast too. I laughed my fool head off most of the time. Thank you T-Ball Dogs for the donation and the wonderful memory!

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