Pictures, papers, family and friends all help create memories that make me who I am.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Nationals and Disney!

Madi and I had a great time in Orlando! The weather was in the upper 80's and sunny everyday!!! Madi's team came in 4th!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A loud POP!

Last night I went to bed around 10ish. Fell asleep easy and it was nice! Then out of the blue around midnight I was awakened by a loud "POP". I flew up out of bed trying to figure out what the heck just happened. Were we victims of a drive by shooting? Did something explode? Was a tornado ripping off the roof? My body was immediately hot all over and the adrenalin was pumping out of control. About that time Steve came flying up the stairs. He had fallen asleep on the couch. "What just happened", I asked while searching for my cell phone. I was sure that I needed to call 911. "The cats just popped a balloon", he replied. To make a long story short, it scared us to death. Then it was funny. The not so funny part was when we were done laughing I was wide awake. So awake that I was able to clean my messy scrapbook room (that's right it was messy once again), do some laundry, watch Anderson Cooper 360 twice and eat a Hershey bar. I finally went back to bed at 5:45 only to get up at 7 to take Madi to school and start my day. Why in the world don't cats sleep at night?

I'm tired and gonna go try this sleep thing again.

I will be taking a little vaca tomorrow to Orlando. Madi has her national cheer competition there this weekend. I will be back on Monday with the results. GO INDIANA ELITE!!! Especially Junior Jungle!!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

On the dang wagon again!

I love double stuff oreo's. I have ever since I can remember. I hide them from the kids and sneak them when no one is looking. The best way to eat them is four at a time with a cold glass of milk in a plastic cup!! Yum, yum!! I never ever get tired of them either. It is a great day when I can wake up and can have oreo's for breakfast. Why you ask am I blogging about oreo's? Well let me tell you. I am getting ready to make a couple trips to Florida in the next few weeks and I have been trying on my summer clothes. I will just cut to the chase and say I'm fat and its time to give em up. Start eating healthy and loose a little weight. I have not had any in about two weeks and I hate it. Why can't those suckers be fat free/calorie free? Why does everything good have to be so bad for you? I think about them everyday and to make matters worse I went to Walmart this morning and happened to notice that they had been reduced to $2.45. That is a bargain and I can't have any.
p.s. I once gave them up for a year and a half.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


For many years I was so worried about how perfect my pages l00ked and how other people that scrapbooked would perceive them. It was a pressure that kept me from getting pages done. I only completed maybe 10 or 12 pages during those years. They are beautiful to me and I am very proud of them but I have a million more pictures waiting patiently to land in one of my books. Now my focus has shifted. (thank goodness) I still want beautiful pages but I really want memories that are important to me to be captured and the stories behind them told.

This page is of my Grandma Mable's house. It was one of my very favorite places to be as a child and I am so happy to have it scrapped. I did not worry about being grammatically correct or how my handwriting looks. It is done and slid into the page protector!! YES!! What a freeing feeling!!