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Saturday, March 7, 2009

On the dang wagon again!

I love double stuff oreo's. I have ever since I can remember. I hide them from the kids and sneak them when no one is looking. The best way to eat them is four at a time with a cold glass of milk in a plastic cup!! Yum, yum!! I never ever get tired of them either. It is a great day when I can wake up and can have oreo's for breakfast. Why you ask am I blogging about oreo's? Well let me tell you. I am getting ready to make a couple trips to Florida in the next few weeks and I have been trying on my summer clothes. I will just cut to the chase and say I'm fat and its time to give em up. Start eating healthy and loose a little weight. I have not had any in about two weeks and I hate it. Why can't those suckers be fat free/calorie free? Why does everything good have to be so bad for you? I think about them everyday and to make matters worse I went to Walmart this morning and happened to notice that they had been reduced to $2.45. That is a bargain and I can't have any.
p.s. I once gave them up for a year and a half.

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  1. Good Luck Sweetie!! It really stinks that these puppies are so bad for us!! I love just the regular Oreo's!! You can do it!!