Pictures, papers, family and friends all help create memories that make me who I am.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


For many years I was so worried about how perfect my pages l00ked and how other people that scrapbooked would perceive them. It was a pressure that kept me from getting pages done. I only completed maybe 10 or 12 pages during those years. They are beautiful to me and I am very proud of them but I have a million more pictures waiting patiently to land in one of my books. Now my focus has shifted. (thank goodness) I still want beautiful pages but I really want memories that are important to me to be captured and the stories behind them told.

This page is of my Grandma Mable's house. It was one of my very favorite places to be as a child and I am so happy to have it scrapped. I did not worry about being grammatically correct or how my handwriting looks. It is done and slid into the page protector!! YES!! What a freeing feeling!!

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