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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Logan Village Mall

Have you ever been to the Logan Village Mall? If not you need go. Eleven of my scrappy friends and I have rented a space there to sell scrapbook kits. The name of our cute little space is "Our Creative Outlet". Here is the link to our blog It is really small right now. So small that it is just a wall. It is an awesome wall though and I love it so much. We have pages displayed from floor to ceiling and there are all kinds of paper crafts and hand made cards too. Many of the items that are for sale are listed on the blog but there is still to much to list. Every inch of our space is full to the brim with many one of a kind items or things made exclusively for the OCO (that's what we call Our Creative Outlet). We add new things everyday and since there are so many of us the variety is unbelievable. Oh and our prices are super good too. We are all very excited and hope that anyone that enjoys scrapbooking will shop there so we can grow and eventually become a full scrapbook store! Go check us out!!

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