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Monday, March 15, 2010

UCA 2010 National Champions

OMGoodness!!! It was the most exciting weekend. Madi and I traveled to Orlando Florida so that she could compete in UCA nationals. There were 9 teams in her division from all over the U.S. and Canada. Her team has had a lot of injuries this year and a few drop outs so they have not been particularly strong. We both had it in our heads that we were going for the fun and not gonna worry about coming in 8Th or 5Th. The first day of competition the team hit everything and looked fabulous. When the standings were handed out they were in 1st with a comfortable lead. We savored every second of the glory knowing that Sunday's competition carried a 2/3 weight and one fall would probably take them out even with the lead. Well.....wouldn't you know they hit everything again and even cleaned up little mistakes from Saturday's routine. It was crazy. We were all in shock and when they announced the 2ND place team and it wasn't us. No way could this be true. WOW!!! She hasn't won a National title in the six years she has competed. Not even close. She has the gold medal and sacred jacket to prove that dreams do come true. YES!!!!

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