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Monday, March 22, 2010

Kendall and Tay-Tay!

Most of you know my addictions: SCRAPBOOKING, GOODWILL IN THE WINTER, GARAGE SALES IN THE SUMMER AND OF COURSE, DOUBLE STUFF OREO COOKIES. I can't help myself when it comes to these things.

Even though it is March I am still in the winter season at Goodwill and look what I found there. This is my niece, Kendall with Taylor or Tay-Tay for short. She is in 1st grade and all 1st grade girls are into American Girl dolls. They can only be ordered or bought at the American Girl store. (Chicago is our closest one)They have about a $100.00 or more price tag but are really well made and if taken care of will be easily passed down. A few weeks ago I stumbled onto this doll. I turned her over and read the tag on her neck and sure enough she is an AMERICAN GIRL and the sticker on her said $2.99!!! Can you believe it? She is in perfect condition and has all of her clothes on including shoes and under ware! My older nieces, Kylie and Bailey started Madi on them way back in the day so they were the first people I called about this little cutie!! We were all so excited. It was one of my favorite, favorite finds. Hope you have a happy Monday and if you have time go to Goodwill. Monday's are good days because people clean out their closets over the weekend!!


  1. What a great find!! Way to go! Great picture of Kendall, can't believe she's getting so big.

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