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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Important business!!

You would sure think so by this picture, huh!! Truth be told I was probably talking to Barni (my sister). She is the QUEEN of talking on her cell phone. If I talk to her once a day I talk to her five times a day. We call to tell each other little dumb stuff, complain or for a laugh. Conversations are usually short but oh sooo frequent. If a day goes by that we don't talk it is weird and we don't like it. We talk while we are driving, sitting at ball games, grocery shopping, doing the dishes, and so on and so forth. If we can't talk then we send a quick text!!!! Ahhh, I love texting. If I knew who invented the cell phone I would send them a thank you note or give them a hug for giving me the opportunity to talk to my sisters when ever the heck I want to.

P.S. We have another sister (Kelly) that is a teacher. We don't get to talk to her quite as much but she is pretty stinkin good with the texting!!!