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Monday, April 20, 2009

A new arrival!

Never say never! Barni, Kelly and I said we were all done having kids, dogs and cats. DONE, FINISHED, KAPUT. I believed us too. I am still keeping my end of that bargain but Kelly....well that is another story. The one that is the least likely to cave did just that last Friday when a cute little puppy waltzed her little bitty self right into her garage. "Ella or MeMe" (unsure of her name) has the sweetest little face and her disposition is precious. Kelly, Bill, Bailey and Kylie fell head over heels in love with her immediately and have moved her right into the house. (Kelly and Bill won't admit to the loving her part of course-"she is just staying cause the girls love her".) Bahhh, haaaaa, haaaa! Whatever!! I think surprises are the most fun and I am excited to have another cute little girl in the family!

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