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Saturday, January 17, 2009


Well I was right!! By 9:30 the cousins were knocking on the door. They are like thing one and thing two if you are familiar with Dr. Seuss. Well my boys are also like thing one and thing two. Imagine it! We had air soft and nerf gun wars in the house (thank you Uncle Bill), balls bouncing off the walls and everywhere else, all the pillows flung off of the couches, power drills humming and the straw that broke the camel's back was when they converted the four wheeler into a home made snow plow and decided to zoom it up and down the alley doing donuts in the neighbors yards along the way!! My goodness I would call that a productive day for four little boys. Needless to say that was when production stopped and the cousins were sent packing back to their own crib (that's what they call their house). The next snow day we get it will be a requirement that Huddy attend work with Daddy!! (he's the ring leader you know)

Since scrapbooking is my therapy and my stress reliever I stayed up until 1 am relieving a little. I finished 2 layouts and 3 projects. I would love to post them but my computer is not wanting to acknowledge the memory stick from my camera. Stressful I tell you! Wish I had more time to relieve it. I'm off to basketball games with my little angels. Only 4 games today.

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