Pictures, papers, family and friends all help create memories that make me who I am.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Meet Miss. Aniya Kristyne!!! She arrived on Wednesday afternoon weighing in around 6 pounds. She has the softest hair that I have ever seen. I was so excited to take her newborn pictures. Here are just a few before editing.

My Niece and Nephew both graduated this week. They have heard about each other their whole lives but have only seen each other a hand full of times. They are both going to Ball State this fall. She will study architecture and he will study nursing. I hope that they meet there and become friends. Wouldn't that be great? I didn't get to take pictures of Patrick but here are a few of Bailey!! Time sure does fly. It was pretty emotional for me. I cried most of morning. I have enjoyed these kids so much and the thought of them growing up and moving on to college is tough. I was happy and sad all together. I took a census and they are all happy and no sad!!! Ha!
Have a wonderful Memorial Day!